A TK-12 Christ-centered,
College Preparatory School

Our Story


Sarah '16

UVA Volleyball Player

"Covenant Day offered the best of both worlds in my academic and athletic endeavors. I was blessed with teachers and coaches who were passionate not only about my growth in the classroom and on the court, but also my spiritual growth."

(Photo by Matt Riley)


Odlin '18

International Student

"I believe Covenant Day prepared me well for college. I learned to write well, give presentations, and study for tests. In my Bible classes in college, I found that I am able to have mature conversations with my professors about God and who He is."


The Classic Magazine

Published twice a year for the CDS Community

Throughout each edition of The Classic, our hope is to share the many beautiful stories of Covenant Day. Every student, parent, teacher, grandparent, friend, staff member, and alum has unique gifts and experiences that make up our school community. Take a moment and explore our past editions and find out what makes Covenant Day a special place!


Grace '19

Theater Student (Jane in Tarzan)

“The arts at Covenant Day allow me to express myself as I work to refine my skills. The school community rallies around the common goal of pursuing excellence while remaining Christ-centered. Our teachers seek opportunities to strengthen the program, while being intentional to connect faith and the arts. I have greatly benefited from the experiences I have encountered, the standard of excellence achieved, and the dedicated teachers, students, and staff.”


Jordan '21

ContainIt Student Leader

"ContainIt has helped me navigate making tough decisions while developing critical thinking skills to complete real tasks with real purpose. I was greatly impacted by our trip to Pine Ridge Reservation and was inspired by the Lakota people and their hearts."


Wisdom '19


"Covenant Day has given me a place to grow spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially. At Covenant Day, I have learned the importance of humility and a desire to learn while being a small part of the puzzle."


Emerson '19

Student Body President

"Through consistent Biblical teaching and a variety of opportunities, Covenant Day has equipped me to be a leader and effective servant of God."

Mrs. Vandezande

LS Teacher & Former Student

"Being a student here, and now a lower school teacher, has given me a unique perspective as I teach each day. As a teacher, I desire to instill in my students an excitement to learn in an environment where they know that they are cared for and valued."


Brent '14

"Covenant Day instilled in me an awareness that every part of life – academics, career, and family – should be integrated with faith and a biblical worldview. This prepared me to seek it out on my own in college, my first job, and now in law school. The aquaponics program also impacted me as I went on to spend two months living in Nicaragua. I learned more about the hardships faced by people experiencing poverty but also was able to learn about the vibrant Nicaraguan culture, take Spanish language classes, and sample an amazing food scene."