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Extended Day Program

Covenant Day's Extended Day Program offers our JK through 8th grade students a nurturing, Christ-centered environment after the regular school day is over to continue learning, get help with homework, and have time for play.  Because we understand each family has different needs, Covenant Day offers flexibility in how the program can be used.  Parents can register their students in one or more of our 1.5 hour session options as well as choose how many days per week they wish to use the program and can vary their usage from month to month.

Enrichment & Extracurricular Programs

Extracurricular opportunities allow students to explore their interests and develop their talents.  Classes and clinics may include music, art, environmental exploration, sports, and clubs.  Covenant Day families can view our extracurricular opportunities page in LionsWeb for information about lessons, classes, and clinics offered at Covenant Day School.

Online Registration
Covenant Day Families can register for our Extended Day Program and review our Terms & Conditions in LionsWeb.

Session Options
Session A: (1:30-3:00 PM)  |  Session B (3:00-4:30 PM)  |  Session C (4:30-6:00 PM)


Monthly Rate
1 Day/Week $45 per 1.5 hour session
2 Days/Week $87 per 1.5 hour session
3 Days/Week $126 per 1.5 hour session
4 Days/Week $162 per 1.5 hour session
5 Days/Week $195 per 1.5 hour session
Drop In $20 per 1.5 hour session

Monthly rate applies to all months except August and December, which are exactly half of the listed monthly rate.


Annual Rate

1 Session for 10 Months

2 Sessions for 10 Months 3 Sessions for 10 Months
1 Day/Week $445 $850 $1,255
2 Days/Week $823 $1,606 $2,389
3 Days/Week $1,174 $2,308 $3,442
4 Days/Week $1,498 $2,956 $4,414
5 Days/Week $1,795 $3,550 $5,305

Calculated Annual Cost assumes a certain amount of program usage for the full school year, plus the one-time $40 registration fee.