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Dining Program

Covenant Day's Dining Program

Covenant Day partners with Flik Independent School Dining to provide a variety of well-balanced, nutritious, and allergy-friendly meal options for purchase each day. By providing a well-balanced lunch, Flik strives to improve the overall health and eating habits of students.

Sustainable and Locally Produced

As often as possible, Flik serves foods that meet responsible and sustainable agricultural practices. Flik leads the food service industry with groundbreaking policies such as:

  • Championing local family farmers and Fair Trade.
  • Sourcing foods that are produced with minimal use or free of chemicals and antibiotics.
  • Supporting campaigns that reward the efforts of farmers and laborers.

Nutrition and Dietary Needs

Flik understands the importance of educating students about what they are eating and takes every opportunity to teach them something new about the foods they see in the dining room. Their Food Focus program teaches about specific foods around the world and the Healthy Foods Matter program shows health foods in a new light. The chef’s Tastings program allows students to try new foods at their own pace. They have the opportunity to sample unfamiliar foods in small bites, rate them, and let the chef know if they’d like to see them on upcoming menus, allowing students to help build the program they want to see.

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