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Coach Cory is a certified USPTA Elite Professional with more than 22 years of teaching experience. He formerly served at Providence Plantation Racquet & Swim Club as the head teaching pro and director of developmental programming for both juniors and adults. Cory also has extensive experience as a director of tournaments, camps, clinics and developmental programming for the City of Tallahassee, FL as well as at the McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center in Williamsburg, VA. He holds Level-1 coaching certifications from the USPTA, RPT and USTA that will enhance the growth and development of the Lions’ tennis program. Coach Cory joined the CDS coaching staff in 2019.



Joshua Reichard '06 (Wofford College)

Will Roberson '13 (Queens University)

Matt Fisher '13 (Belhaven University)

Hunter Harbin '14 (Queens University)

Allan Lock '15 (Sonoma State University)

Will Ockerman '15 (United States Military Academy - West Point)

Jacob Wall '15 (Gardner Webb University)

Tennis - Varsity Boys

CISAA All Conference

Will Coburn (2nd-Team)


Match Recap 5/2/2019 vs Charlotte Christian

For their final match of the regular season, the Lions traveled to the Russell Racquet Club to take on the Knights of Charlotte Christian. Time constraints at the facility forced the match to only be played to the deciding point, leaving Andrew Hardin's singles' match unfinished. The Lions used their time well, however, and played to a 6-2 victory. Josh Keaton won his first singles match of the season, showing great perseverance to secure the win in a tiebreak. Will Coburn and Jennings Culpepper demonstrated endurance in their singles' matches as well, as they were taken into tiebreaks before closing out their respective opponents to add to the Lions' scoreline. Our doubles teams managed to net two wins, and were narrowly edged out of a sweep, by dropping their line two match by one point. It was an excellent win for our Lions overall, and a great way to end the conference season. The team now awaits state seeding, which will take place on Sunday in Greensboro.

Singles: Will Coburn (CD) def Cam Hicks (CC) 2-6, 6-1, 10-3; Will Isom (CC) def Rochester Sun (CD) 6-0, 6-1; Josh Keaton (CD) def CJ Hannum (CC) 5-7 6-1, 10-4; Jennings Culpepper (CD) def Ford Scott (CC) 6-2, 5-7, 10-5; Charlie Moseley (CD) def Andre Stafford (CC) 6-1, 6-2; Andrew Hardin (CD) vs Jonathon Galbraith (CC) DNF

Doubles: Coburn/Sun (CD) def W. Hicks/Scott (CC) 9-8; Isom/Stafford (CC) def Culpepper/Hardin (CD) 9-8; Keaton/Moseley (CD) def W Hannum/ JT Daniels (CC) 8-3

Match Recap 4/30/2019 vs Providence Day

Singles: Alex Bitter (PD) def Jennings Culpepper (CD) 6-1, 6-0; Alex Sandoval (PD) def Josh Keaton (CD) 6-1, 6-2; James Kurani (PD) def Charlie Moseley (CD) 6-2, 6-2; Kevin Kasper (PD) def Andrew Hardin (CD) 6-2, 6-3; Marc Sturisky (PD) def Mark Gulley (CD) 6-1, 6-2; Josh Dolgoff (PD) def Boyce Gault (CD) 6-1, 6-0

Doubles: Sandoval/Kurani (PD) def Hardin/Culpepper (CD) 8-0, Bitter/Sagan Gor (PD) def Keaton/Moseely (CD) 8-4; Kaspar/Sturisky (PD) def Gault/Gulley (CD) 8-1

Match Recap 4/27/2019 vs Christ School

Doubles: Barber/Shah (Cs) def Keaton/Hardin (CD) 8-0; Sage/McCarthy (CS) def Gulley/Moseley (CD) 8-1; Zheng/Mitchell (CS) def Gault/Will Luo 8-0

Singles: Xander Barber (CS) def Josh Keaton (CD) 6-0,6-0; William Sage (CS) def Charlie Moseley (CD) 6-3, 6-3; Sid Shah (CS) def Andrew Hardin (CD) 6-2, 6-1; Kevin Zheng (CS) def Mark Gulley (CD) 6-2, 6-2; Boyce Gault (CD) def Ben Mitchell (CS) 6-2, 3-6, 10-7; Kevin McCarthy (CS) def Mark Curcio (CD) 6-1, 6-0

Match Recap 4/25/2019 vs Cannon School

The Cannon Cougars came to play on Thursday, and our Lions doubles' teams were ready for them, putting on their best performance of the season. Our third-line team of Charlie Moseley and Josh Keaton defeated their opponents 8-6, avenging the 0-8 loss they had taken from them just a week ago. Will Coburn and Henry Hutton reversed their loss as well, posting a score of 8-6 over Cannon's first line doubles duo. Singles didn't go quite as well, although lines 3, 5, and 6 won more games than they did in their previous matches against the same players from last week's matchup. The team will travel to Asheville on Saturday for a 1:00 p.m. match vs. Christ School.

Doubles: Coburn/Hutton (CD) def Norton/Besh (CS) 8-6; Fromke/Carey (CS) def Culpepper/Hardin (CD) 8-5; Moseley/Keaton (CD) def Childress/Wood (CS) 8-6

Singles: Thomas Fromke (CS) def Will Coburn (CD) 6-4, 0-06, 11-9; Davis Norton (CS) def Henry Hutton (CD) 7-5, 6-0; John Besh (CS) def Josh Keaton (CD) 6-3, 6-0; Ben Childress (CS) def Jennings Culpepper (CD) 6-1, 6-4; Jake Wood (CS) def Rochester Sun (CD) 6-1, 6-0; Riley Fraser (CS) def Charlie Moseley (CD) 5-7, 6-0, 10-4

Match Recap 4/23/2019 vs Charlotte Country Day

The Lions faced conference opponent Charlotte Country Day on Tuesday. Our guys played hard and fared slightly better than they did in their previous match against the Buccaneers, but still could not pull ahead of the current state champs. Next up for the Lions is a home match vs. Cannon School on Thursday, 4/25.

Doubles: Van Cleef/ Prakash (CCD) def Coburn/ Henry Hutton (CD) 8-0; Jackson/Saye (CCD) def Culpepper/Andrew Hardin (CD) 8-1; Bingham/Sam Farnham (CCD) def Moseley/ Keaton (CD) 8-0

Singles: David Saye (CCD) def Will Coburn (CD) 6-3, 3-6, 10-3; Tarun Prakash (CCD) def Jennings Culpepper (CD) 6-0, 6-1; Kaelan Va Cleeff (CCD) def Rochester Sun (CD) 6-0, 6-0; Johnny Bingham (CCD) def Charlie Moseley (CD) 6-1, 6-0; Nathan Jackson (CCD) def Mark Gulley (CD) 6-0, 6-0; Michael Smith (CCD) def Boyce Gault (CD) 6-1, 6-1

Match Recap 4/18/2019 vs Charlotte Christian

The Lions hosted the Knights of Charlotte Christian on a lovely Thursday afternoon on the CDS courts. After a solid performance by the doubles' teams, the Lions held a 2-1 lead heading into the singles matches. Charlie Moseley, Andrew Hardin and Boyce Gault, at lines 4-6, breezed past their opponents while the top three had to work a little harder for their results. Jennings Culpepper displayed great perseverance in winning his match despite being down 6-2, 4-2, while saving 3 match points in the match tiebreaker. The team will be in action again on Tuesday, 4/23, as they travel to Charlotte Country Day to take on the Bucs in a 4:15 match.

Doubles: Hicks/Scott (CC) def Coburn/Hardin (CD) 8-5; Culpepper/Keaton (CD) def Isom/Stafford 8-2; Mark Gulley/Moseley (CD) def Daniel/ Elijah Stall 8-2

Singles: Will Coburn (CD) def Cam Hicks (CC) 6-2, retired; Will Isom (CC) def Josh Keaton (CD) 6-2, 6-2; Jennings Culpepper (CD) def Foard Scott 1-6, 6-4, 13-11; Charlie Moseley (CD) def Andrew Stafford (CC) 6-0, 6-1; Andrew Hardin (CD) def JT Daniel (CC) 6-0, 6-2; Boyce Gault (CD) def Jonathan Galbreath 6-4, 6-4

Match Recap 4/17/2019 vs Cannon School

Our guys hit the road on a Wednesday afternoon for their re-scheduled match at Cannon School. Will Coburn secured a win in first singles, and there were four other matches that were also very competitive for the Lions. Henry Hutton nearly pulled out a victory while persevering through injuries, but was narrowly edged out in a tiebreak.

Doubles: Besh/Norton (C) def Coburn/Hutton (CD) 8-4; Fromke/Will Carey (C) def Culpepper/Andrew Hardin (CD) 8-5; Childress/Wood (C) def Keaton/Moseley (CD) 8-0

Singles: Will Coburn (CD) def Thomas Fromke (C) 6-3, 6-3; Davis Norton (C) def Henry Hutton (CD) 6-1, 6-7, 10-7; John Besh (C) def Josh Keaton (CD) 6-0, 6-1; Ben Childress (C) def Jennings Culpepper (CD) 6-1, 6-2; Jake Wood (C) def Rochester Sun (CD) 6-2, 6-3; Riley Fraser (C) def Charlie Moseley (CD) 6-4, 6-4

Match Recap 4/16/2019 vs Charlotte Latin

Our Lions were outmatched by conference opponent Charlotte Latin in their Tuesday afternoon contest. While the final result did not favor us, the players handled themselves well on the courts as they faced the challenge from the Hawks. Andrew Hardin and Will Coburn both showed great perseverance by winning their singles matches in tiebreaks to give the Lions two points for the day. Tomorrow the team will travel to Cannon School to take on the Cougars at 4:15 p.m.

Doubles: O'Leary/Aathreya Mahesh (CL) def Coburn/Hardin (CD) 8-4; Pearce/Levin (CL) def Culpepper/Keaton (CD) 8-0; Ethan Li/Willett (CL) def Moseley/Sun (CD) 8-2

Singles: Will Coburn (CD) def Smith O'Leary (CL) 0-6, 6-3, 10-6; Andrew Levin (CL) def Josh Keaton (CD) 6-0,6-0; Taylor Pearce (CL) def Jennings Culpepper (CD) 6-0, 6-1; Jackson Willett (CL) def Rochester Sun (CD) 6-2, 6-0; Andrew Chang (CL) def Charlie Moseley (CD) 6-2, 6-1; Andrew Hardin (CD) def Alexander Hall (CL) 7-6, 4-6, 10-8

Match Recap 4/11/2019 vs Providence Day

The Lions played an away match on Thursday against the Chargers of Providence Day. Despite the 0-9 result, this may have been the best match the team has played all season to date. The team went in without our 2,3, and 4 players who were all sick.The coach and team talked this week about what it means to give your all in a match, putting in 20% more in terms of mental and physical effort, both in practice and in matches. Today, the Lions gave 20% more, and it showed in the scores. Every player, to a person, showed great perseverance, great emotional control, and fought hard for every point, no matter the result of the match. Coach Cory said, "Our body language was very positive. What that meant on the court, was everyone played their best match so far. What it meant when they came off the court is they know they gave their best and felt good about themselves, even if some were disappointed in their results. I am very proud of the team."

Singles: Alex Sandoval (PD) def Will Coburn (CD) 7-6,7-5; Alex Bitter (PD) def Rochester Sun (CD) 6-0,6-1; James Kurani (PD) def Charlie Moseley (CD) 6-0,6-0; Kevin Kasper (PD) def Andrew Hardin (CD) 6-1, 7-6; Marc Sturisky (PD) def Mark Gulley (CD) 6-2, 6-1; Josh Dolgoff (PD) def Boyce Gault (CD) 6-0, 6-0

Doubles: Sandoval/Kurani (PD) def Coburn/Hardin (CD) 8-3; Bitter/Kasper (PD) def Sun/Moseley (CD) 8-1; Ales Hobby/Sagan Gore (PD) def Gault/Gulley (CD) 8-2

Match Recap 4/4/2019 vs Charlotte Country Day School

On Thursday, April 4th, our Lions found themselves outmatched by the reigning state champions, the Charlotte Country Day School Buccaneers. Despite the lopsided score, our Lions kept their composure on the court and fought hard throughout the match. Coach Cory felt the team played their best doubles of the season so far, even though they were outgunned by the Bucs. The team will travel to Cannon on Tuesday, 4/10 for a 4:15 matchup with the Cougars.

Doubles: Turner / Prakash (CCDS) def Coburn/Hutton (CD) 8-1 Nathan Jackson / Saye ( CCDS) def Culpepper/ Andrew Hardin (CD) 8-2 Van Cleeff/Ryan Dumais(CCDS) def Keaton/ Moseley (CD) 8-3

Singles: Kaelin Van Cleeff (CCDS) def Will Coburn (CD) 6-1, 6-2 David Saye (CCDS) def Henry Hutton (CD) 6-0, 6-0 Tarun Prakash (CCDS) def Josh Keaton (CD) 6-0, 6-0 Bennett Turner (CCDS) def Jennings Culpepper (CD) 6-0, 6-0 Johnny Bingham (CCDS) def Rochester Sun (CD) 6-0, 6-0 Michael Smith (CCDS) def Charlie Moseley (CD) 6-0, 6-0

Match Recap 3/29/2019 vs St. David's

The Varsity Lions made the trip up to Raleigh for a Friday match with the St. David's School Warriors. The team notched wins in all three doubles matches for the first time this season, giving up only three games across the lines. In the singles, Jennings Culpepper showed grit and determination at #3, but lost in a gut-wrenching tie-break, 7-10. The remainder of the singles matches went in favor of the Lions, for an 8-1 victory overall. Coach Cory was pleased with the results, and the team will use the match to build on for next week's competition.

Doubles: #1 Will Coburn/ Henry Hutton (CDS) def Russel Harrington/Alex Barroso (SD) 8-0; #2 Jennings Culpepper/Andrew Hardin (CDS) def Joseph Pisciotta/ Wade Farrell (SD) 8-3; #3 Boyce Gault/Charlie Moseley(CDS) def Chad Lilly/Tom Deloache (SD) 8-0

Singles: #1 Henry Hutton (CDS) def Russel Harrington (SD) 6-2, 6-1; #2 Will Coburn (CDS) def Alex Barosso (SD) 6-0, 6-1; #3 Joseph Pisciotta (SD) def Jennings Culpepper (CDS) 6-3, 3-6, 10-7; #4 Charlie Moseley (CDS) def Wade Farrell (SD) 6-1, 6-3; #5 Andrew Hardin (CDS) def Owen Barr (SD) 6-1,6-2; #6 Boyce Gault (CDS) def Banks Auram (SD) 6-1, 6-1

Match Recap 3/27/2019 vs Charlotte Latin

Our Lions hosted the Hawks of Charlotte Latin for their first CISAA matchup of the regular season on Wednesday afternoon. The team suffered a sweep in the doubles matches and knew they needed to work hard to grab some points on the singles end of the match. Henry Hutton stepped in at #2 and won his first match of the season as he returned to the lineup after being out with the flu. Charlie Moseley played well for a winning result at #6, and maintained a positive attitude even when he was down 4-5 in the first set. The team is on the road for their next match as they travel to Raleigh to take on St. David's School at 4:00 on Friday, 3/29.

Match Recap 3/14/2019 vs Wesleyan Christian Academy

Varsity tennis pulled out a nail-biter, 5-4, victory in their home-opener vs Wesleyan Christian Academy. The team's biblical theme is perseverance, and the boys showed a great deal of it in coming back from the brink.

Doubles matches got underway quickly as the Wesleyan Trojans arrived early, but the Lions found themselves down by two points after they dropped their matches at the #1 and #2 spots. At the third doubles line, Charlie Moseley and Rochester Sun roared back in their match, after being down 3-4, to secure the win at 8-5.

In singles, Charlie Moseley at #5, and Boyce Gault at #6 won their matches in straight sets, showing persistence, patience and determination despite some adversity throughout the matches. Both Rochester Sun at #3 and Josh Keaton at #2 lost their first sets, but rallied to win the second sets and force match tiebreakers. Both succumbed in the tiebreak, but proved to themselves that they were capable of finding another gear, remaining calm, and changing the dynamic of a match to play in their favor. Will Coburn at #1 singles, and Jennings Culpepper at #4, both lost their first sets, but came back strong to win their second set, as well as match tiebreaks. The captains both had to dig deep and keep their negative thoughts at bay, while they showed gritty determination and a belief in themselves that allowed them to come out on top.

This was the Lions first win of the season. Coach Cory said he was "very proud of the boys for the mental and emotional fortitude they demonstrated today." The team will be back in action after spring break, hosting Charlotte Latin at 4:00 on March 27th.

Doubles: #1 Duncan Bell/Logan Prillaman (WCA) def Will Coburn/Jennings Culpepper (CDS) 8-0; #2 Hamilton Davis/Ethan Twiddy (WCA) def Andrew Hardin/Josh Keaton (CDS) 8-5; #3 Charlie Moseley/Rochester Sun (CDS) def Brandon Steele/John Wagner (WCA) 8-5

Singles: #1 Will Coburn (CDS) def Logan Prillaman (WCA) 1-6, 6-4, 10-6; #2 Duncan Bell (WCA) def Josh Keaton (CDS) 7-6(5), 3-6, 10-4; #3 Hamilton Davis (WCA) def Rochester Sun (CDS) 6-1, 1-6, 10-7; #4 Jennings Culpepper (CDS) def Ethan Twiddy (WCA) 3-6, 7-5, 10-2; #5 Charlie Moseley (CDS) def Brandon Steele (WCA) 6-4, 7-5; #6 Boyce Gault (CDS) def Luke Rudolph (WCA) 7-5, 6-1

Match Recap 3/8/2019 vs Greensboro Day School

The Varsity Lions traveled to Greensboro Day on Friday for an early season matchup. The wet conditions that have been so persistent this spring forced the match to be played at the indoor facility at Barber Park. Our Lions quickly fell prey to the Bengals and came up empty despite their efforts. Next up for the Lions is a home match against Wesleyan Christian on March 14th at 4:30.

Doubles: #1 Warren McWharter/Noah Hahn (GD) def Will Coburn/Jennings Culpepper 8-1; #2 Rhett Grewal/Michael Trentini (GD) def Josh Keaton/ Charlie Moseley 8-0; #3 Colter Cox/Patrick Murray (GD) def Andrew Hardin/Boyce Gault 8-0

Singles: #1 McWharter (GD) def Will Coburn 8-2; #2 Grewal (GD) def Josh Keaton 8-0; #3 Hahn (GD) def Rochester Sun 8-0; #4 Trentini (GD) def Jennings Culpepper 8-2; #5 Cox (GD) Def Charlie Moseley 8-1; #6 Dewey (GD) def Boyce Gault 8-1

Match Recap 3/4/2019 vs Nation Ford High School

For their first match of the new season, our Lions traveled to SC to take on Nation Ford High School. In the singles matches, Will Coburn and Charlie Moseley played their hearts out, taking their opponents to tie-breaks before getting edged out in the final few points. Boyce Gault and Andrew Hardin demonstrated great chemistry on the court to set each other up for success, and closed out their doubles opponents 6-1, 6-3. Overall, our Lions remained competitive throughout the match for a good experience to build on this season.

Singles: #1 Garret May (NF) def Will Coburn (CDS) 6-2, 6-7(4), 10-8; #2 Ian Drake (NF) def Josh Keaton (CDS) 6-0, 6-1; #3 Anish (NF) def Rochester Sun (CDS) 6-3, 6-1; #4 Gage Fonberg (NF) def Jennings Culpepper (CDS) 6-3, 6-2; #5 Shiu Patel (NF) def Charlie Moseley (CDS) 6-3, 4-6, 11-9

Doubles: Boyce Gault/Andrew Hardin (CDS) def Charoon Dood/Alex McCauley (NF) 6-1, 6-3