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College Preparatory School

Strength and Conditioning

The Covenant Day strength and conditioning program is designed to develop a passion for physical fitness and an appreciation for strength training. Students learn how to honor Christ through physical fitness, while developing their God given physical abilities.

Our program is age-appropriate and aimed at developing our middle and high school students through innovative multi-joint exercise and training. We also offer speed and agility training that is heavily integrated into our overall programming. Proper training and safety techniques are consistently taught and reinforced. Students strive to meet personal and program goals and progress is tracked daily.

Covenant Day School built its new fitness center in 2015. The facility includes new power racks, equipment, and qualified training instructors.

The strength and conditioning program is directed by Chris James and Jim Parrish. For more information on our strength and conditioning program please contact either coach for information.


peter mcsparin | EMAIL


Current families should visit the athletics tab in the portal to access the strength and conditioning sessions schedule.