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College Preparatory School

Your Investments at Work

The Booster Club and its members actively invest in athletes, coaches and facility development at CDS.

In 2019-2020, the Booster Club was able to provide close to $70,000 in support of our Athletics programs, thanks to our members and sponsors.  Here is how your investment in the Booster Club was used last year:

  • Installed cameras in the Main Gym and Main Field at Warner Park allowing CDS to stream all games hosted.
  • Established 2 more sports specific clubs:  the Hoops Club and the Home Run Club.  These club funds are given directly and fully to the teams for enhanced equipment and/or travel.
  • Added the option to pay with credit cards at our Concession Stands.
  • Provided the athletes with state tournament support and paid for costs to help maintain the Weight Room.
  • Major equipment purchases:
    • Volleyball Pole Systems
    • Shade Tents for Outdoor Sports
    • Bleachers at Fullwood Field
    • Backstop Netting for the Baseball and Softball Fields
    • Field Screens, Tubing and Padding for the Baseball Team