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Visual Arts

Covenant Day's visual arts program strives to provide a comprehensive program that will cultivate personal development and a sense of joy and confidence in students as they create and share their artwork. The curriculum includes the elements of art and principles of design while incorporating art history and art appreciation as an integral part of the studies. Young artists are free to express individual God-given creativity while they learn the value of perseverance during the process of creating art.

Lower School

Lower school art is a time for exploration and wonder. Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students create art daily, and it's integrated into the curriculum. They study famous artists of the Impressionist Period and display their creations, transforming our school hallways into a real art museum. The lower school curriculum is sequential classical art training with opportunities to create from imagination and explore problem-solving. Art history and art appreciation are also an integral part of the studies. Students are encouraged to make choices to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

The art department desires to provide a comprehensive art program which will cultivate personal development and a sense of joy and confidence as students express the beauty of God’s creation which they can then share with others.


Middle and High School

Middle school art is an elective that builds on the foundations taught in lower school and allows the students to develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of art clearly and logically. High school art maximizes all levels of training by allowing students to become more self-directed. Art I, II, III, and IV/AP are course offerings where students may study drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and graphic arts. All students have the opportunity to display their works during Art Walk, Covenant Day's annual art exhibit which kicks off the school's Celebration of the Arts. Students can also participate in various contests, exhibits, and some artists have even published their work.

Outreach & The Arts

Our visual arts students are always seeking new opportunities to serve others with their artistic talents. They have helped various programs and departments on campus such as ContainIt and Restore525 as well as our theater department. 

High School Art Teacher, Katie Spata