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The theater program at Covenant Day is designed to give students the opportunity to explore their creative abilities through theater, inspiring them to use their gifts to be the salt and light of this world.

We strive for students to have a quality experience in all aspects of theater, such as history, acting, improvisations, playwright, technical directing, and stage management. Students are to be disciplined in their study, focused in their thought, and creative in their expression. They learn methodical performance skills in the classroom and apply this knowledge during various performance platforms throughout the year, allowing them to glorify God with all their skills and talents.

The Blumey Awards

Covenant Day participates in the Blumey Awards, a program sponsored by Blumenthal Theater that acknowledges excellence in high school musical theater.

  • 2013: CDS received nine nominations and our own Evan Bertram was awarded a Blumey for Best Featured Performer.
  • 2014: CDS received two nominations: Best Ensemble and Best Actress.
  • 2016: CDS student Sarah Dahlberg received the Student Critic Award.
  • 2017: CDS received a nomination for Best Ensemble with The Wizard of Oz