A TK-12 Christ-centered,
College Preparatory School


Lower School

Students at Covenant Day become immersed in the world of music as early as TK and continue to become purposely motivated and challenged as they progress to 5th grade. They learn of the Lord’s amazing creativity and order as they begin to study the basic musical elements of melody, rhythm, harmony, texture, tempo, dynamics and timbre. Each class is given the opportunity to showcase all they have learned during our Christmas Concert and Grandparents Day. In 5th grade the students’ education of musical concepts becomes more focused in the area of choral and instrumental studies. They begin with choral work and then are guided through the instrument selection process where they are given the opportunity to study wind instruments which includes: flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, and baritone. This continues their journey of reading music, comprehending musical terms and achieving desirable tone quality. Towards the end of the year the students may choose to continue on with band or return to choral studies.

Middle School and High School

Each student now begins their own journey through instrumental or choral music. CDS offers a beginning band for those just starting out or a middle school intermediate band for those continuing on from the 5th grade band. By 8th grade each student has the option to join the High School Symphonic Band if their skills propel them there or remain in the intermediate band. The choral student will also continue their musical studies in a progressive manner that allows them to move ahead at their own pace based on ability level.

2019 Community Heroes Celebration

Programs & Events

Christmas Concerts
Student Orchestra (HS Musical)
Spring Choir Concert
Symphonic Band Music in the Parks
Spring Band Concert
Carowinds Music Festival for Band
Carowinds Music Festival for Choir
Pep Band

Drexel University Photography Exhibition

Photography students, seniors Lance Lokas, and Nick Bash recently had their photos chosen to be part of the Drexel University High School Photography Exhibition! Students from all over the United States entered their work in this prestigious exhibit, including over 2,100 photos from 771 individual students. Out of all of the submissions, only 267 students were accepted into the exhibition.

Course Offerings

Lower School & Middle School

General Music (TK-4)
Intermediate Band (5-8)
Beginning Band (6)
Choir (5-8)

High School

Band I-IV

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Tri-M Honor Society
CDS Children's Choir (grades 3-5)
A Cappella Groups:
  • Chordially Yours (Girls)
  • No Strings Attached (Boys)