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Covenant Day School enhances the learning experience by empowering students through the use of technology.

High School Laptop Program

Covenant Day School is committed to the type of instruction that equips students with essential digital-age skills across all curricular areas to be “salt and light” for Christ in a globally and digitally interconnected world. Students will be challenged to use technology and information to think redemptively and to solve problems effectively and efficiently. Teachers, as chief learners, will be effective as they design, implement, and assess learning experiences to engage students and improve learning; enrich professional practice, and provide positive models for students, colleagues, and the community.

Technology is a pivotal teaching and learning tool that, in the hands of competent teachers and engaged learners, broadens and deepens our capacity to focus on explicitly preparing students for college, career and life as ambassadors for Christ in a 21st Century world.  For more information on the high school laptop program, click here to read our Laptop Program Philosophy.

Middle School iPad Program

The Middle School iPad program at Covenant Day School gives teachers the opportunity to integrate online tools such as websites, activities, assessments, and apps into the classroom. The program includes four mobile units of a class set of iPads, which gives each student access to an iPad for classroom use, when needed. This program benefits middle school students by giving them hands-on experience with some of the latest technology.

Covenant Day Computer Labs

Covenant Day School maintains two fully-functioning computer labs. One is designed for lower school use. It houses 22 networked computers with software and hardware designed to meet the needs of the students in transitional kindergarten through fifth grade. Classes in grades 3-5 have designated time in the computer lab with instruction from the lower school computer teacher, and all lower school grade levels are welcome to visit the lab during open periods for conducting research, creating documents and presentations, etc. The middle school also has a computer lab with 24 computers with filtered, high-speed internet access. The lab is used by various classes in the middle school for research. In addition, numerous elective courses in computer science are offered to middle school students taught by the middle school computer teacher. These courses include everything from basic keyboarding skills to the use of every day applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and the Adobe Dreamweaver software package for web design.



"Students can take what they read in a book and make their learning come alive through different apps. Those apps can help students create a keynote presentation about a character in a book, a graphical representation of scene from a book, or a movie trailer for the book."

iPad Coordinator Ryan Fuderer