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Covenant Day School enhances the learning experience by empowering students through the use of technology.

Covenant Day School is committed to instruction that equips students with essential digital-age skills across all curricular areas to be “salt and light” for Christ in a globally and digitally interconnected world. We challenge students to use technology and information to think redemptively and to solve problems effectively and efficiently. Technology is a tool that, when used in an age-appropriate and safe way, can broaden and deepen the capacity to prepare students for college, their careers, and life as ambassadors for Christ in a 21st-century world. 

Technology in lower school is responsibly used because research supports that students learn more effectively through hands-on experiences. Smartboards, iPads, and Chromebooks are available to teachers when these tools appropriately enhance instruction. In middle school, the iPad program allows teachers to integrate online tools such as websites, activities, assessments, and adaptive instruction. The middle school also has a computer lab with filtered internet access. High school students utilize laptops for research, managing assignments, and collaboration.