A TK-12 Christ-centered,
College Preparatory School

Restoration & Sustainability

Covenant Day School embraces the challenge to care for God’s world through integrated programs of instruction that seek to restore and sustain God’s peace in nature and society. Students are engaged in lessons and activities that foster restoration of broken aspects of nature and humanity and develop problem-solving skills to support sustainable environments and communities. Covenant Day is a training ground for students to cultivate their unique gifts and talents toward further restoration and sustainability in God’s kingdom.

Our restoration and sustainability initiatives give students the opportunity to discover their strengths and develop confidence as they move beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students are inspired through hands-on learning as they address authentic issues and challenges.

Learn more about some of our Restoration and Sustainability initiatives below.

When Covenant Day students heard about the conditions on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, they knew they had to do something. After visiting the reservation, a team of students rolled up their sleeves and got to work on transforming a cold, dingy shipping container into a vibrant, dormitory space to provide a refuge for teens on the reservation. Since 2015, Covenant Day students have transformed three shipping containers to serve as emergency housing for those in need on Pine Ridge Reservation through its initiative known as ContainIt. In 2018, students built a coffee house container to foster sustainability on the reservation by providing jobs. This year, ContainIt is excited to embark on its new initiative of expanding to create tiny house communities for the homeless in Charlotte. 

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Students taking our new high school practicum course will be faced with a unique challenge as they work to build a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster from scratch. The class is led by Chip Jones, an FAA 145 Repair Station Inspector and Chief of Helicopter Maintenance at JAARS in Waxhaw. Once completed, the team will sell the car, with proceeds benefiting our local community through ContainIt’s tiny house communities initiative. 


The Covenant Day Sustainability Greenhouse is designed to provide redemptive restoration and sustainability opportunities for our high school students along with students at Mission of Hope School in Haiti. Restore 525 is a student-led project that desires to create sustainable aquaponics systems to respond to the growing hunger needs in Haiti.  The synergistic and collaborative efforts with students at Mission of Hope International School in Haiti gives students innovative opportunities to participate in the process of bringing about Christ-centered restoration. Restore 525 is also working locally with Warehouse 242 to serve communities in West Charlotte through aquaponics.

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Students in Covenant Day’s Scientific Field Research course are partnering with research institutions and universities by conducting research in a variety of areas both on and off campus. Students are gathering data from the retention pond on campus and conducting research at Morrow Mountain, Crowders Mountain, and Pisgah National Forest. The student teams are focusing on five different areas: Environmental, Bluebirds, Fish, Plant, and Biodiversity. This course also gives our high school students the opportunity to mentor fourth grade students as they shadow them on campus during their research and data collection.


Covenant Day's Butterfly Garden is a certified wildlife habitat that includes water sources, native plants, and a native pollinator house. The outdoor space serves as a learning garden for lower school students, providing a natural setting for experiential learning.

Through out Create courses, middle school students have the opportunity to explore different areas of restoration and sustainability, while working as a team to solve problems, develop their talents, and create new inventions! This course is taught by multiple teachers with unique skill sets including coding, 3D printing, science, technology, math, and robotics. Students are tasked with identifying a problem and then coming up with a way to solve it. This course gives middle school students the opportunity to gain valuable skills that will prepare them for our restoration and sustainability initiatives at the high school level.