A TK-12 Christ-centered,
College Preparatory School

Experiential Learning

At Covenant Day, experiential learning gives students the opportunity to discover their strengths and develop confidence as they move beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students are inspired through hands-on learning as they address authentic issues and challenges.

Learn more about some of our hands-on Restoration and Sustainability initiatives below.

When Covenant Day students heard about the conditions on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, they knew they had to do something. After visiting the reservation, a team of students rolled up their sleeves and got to work on transforming a cold, dingy shipping container into a vibrant, dormitory space to provide a refuge for teens on the reservation. Students gained valuable hands-on experience in planning, drafting, building, networking, and marketing.

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The Covenant Day Sustainability Greenhouse is designed to provide redemptive STEM opportunities for our high school students along with students at Mission of Hope School in Haiti. Students are given innovative opportunities to participate in the process of using STEM to bring about Christ-centered restoration. Students gain valuable experience in research and development, marketing, facilities operation, engineering, and world language translation.

Explore aquaponics.

Covenant Day's Butterfly Garden is a certified wildlife habitat that includes water sources, native plants, and a native pollinator house. The outdoor space serves as a learning garden for lower school students, providing a natural setting for experiential learning.

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Covenant Day is embarking on a new sustainability initiative. Through a partnership with JAARS, middle school students seek to use e-commerce to help spread the gospel. Click here to read more about this project.