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Igniting a Hunger for Learning

Our Curriculum

Covenant Day School provides a holistic and comprehensive curriculum where academic excellence and biblical worldview are blended without compromise. Our curriculum is designed to ignite in students a passion for learning. Core competencies include literature, math, science, history, theology, and world languages.

Our Faculty

One distinction at Covenant Day School is our dedicated faculty who seek to inspire students, helping them to recognize the skills and gifts that God has specifically provided for each of their lives. A faculty of godly professionals, selected for their academic records and their ability to develop students through creative and innovative instruction, works collaboratively across the curriculum. Our faculty are passionately committed, serving as instructors, advisors, coaches, and mentors to our students.

Our Opportunities

Students are actively engaged in experiences beyond the four walls of the classroom that reinforce academic lessons. Students are given the opportunity to pursue their interests and develop their talents while building relationships. Covenant Day’s restoration and sustainability initiatives, iPad program, and student clubs and organizations deepen understanding while providing meaningful learning experiences.