A TK-12 Christ-centered,
College Preparatory School

Who We Are

Covenant Day School is a community of believers – leaders, teachers, students, and families in pursuit of Christ-centered excellence in learning and in all of life. Covenant Day School is a ministry of Christ Covenant Church.


The mission of Covenant Day School is to assist the Christian family by providing an education marked by a biblical worldview, academic excellence, and affordability so that students are equipped to be salt and light for God’s glory.


Covenant Day School is committed to becoming an exceptional, Christ-centered, college-preparatory school. We will create an environment which develops lifelong learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers who will be actively engaged in the world as ambassadors for Christ. Our appraised, innovative academic courses and comprehensive extracurricular offerings will be taught through the lens of truth found in the historic Christian faith by godly faculty and staff who are skilled educators and dedicated mentors. Graduates will be prepared for matriculation into leading colleges and universities in order to live out their callings on the global stage. Our distinctive sense of family, with a diverse community of students, families, friends, donors and alumni, will undergird these efforts necessary to bring excellence to every aspect of Covenant Day School, a ministry of Christ Covenant Church, for God’s glory.

Core Values

These Core Values guide our conduct and our commitments:

A reflection of the work of Christ, loving in thought and deed, serving God and others.

A pursuit of biblical truth so as to develop the knowledge and discernment that guides our judgment and decisions in all areas of life.

An insistence on biblical principles that develop character, integrity, and moral excellence.

Statement of Belief

At Covenant Day School, we believe that the success of each student is built on the combined efforts of the family, their church, and the school. We believe the development of a student encompasses both the intellectual and the spiritual components and that these two components are inseparable and complementary to one another. We believe that students reach their full potential with a strong partnership between the school and the family.

Commitments in Action

Honor God - We apply biblical principles as we instruct, pray for, and prepare each student for a life that glorifies Him.

Excel - We challenge every student to maximize their gifts and talents to the glory of God by providing the highest level of academic standards.

Partner - We assist parents by serving as a resource to help each student develop intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically.

Nurture - We build a personal relationship with each student that fosters an environment of love, support and encouragement.

Serve - We offer opportunities to care for others, seeking to develop a servant’s heart within each student.

Lead - We provide fine arts, athletics, and other extracurricular activities, in addition to the classroom experience, that give each student the opportunity to develop gifts and leadership skills.

Staff - We retain a faculty of the highest caliber who possess academic expertise, as well as a heart for mentoring and caring for each student.

Steward - We continually seek to provide good value for the educational investment parents make in their children, offering a growing level of financial support for our families.

Portrait of a Graduate

By God’s grace, Covenant Day School graduates:

Follow Christ - Our graduates recognize that their daily spiritual and intellectual lives are inseparable and complementary, with Christ at the center. The Bible is their foundation and guide as they pursue their unique callings with diligence, humility, and integrity.

Serve Others - Our graduates demonstrate a love for God, the church as the body of Christ, and all people by affirming others as God’s image bearers. They participate and lead in their local and global communities, seeking to serve them selflessly, and include others in achieving goals.

Pursue Wisdom
- Our graduates continue to pursue wisdom and knowledge throughout their lives. Intellectually curious, they articulate and apply a biblical worldview as they continue to develop abilities to discern, think critically, work collaboratively, and solve problems creatively and independently.

Communicate Effectively - Our graduates communicate confidently and effectively in written, spoken, mathematical, and technological languages.

Learn Purposefully - Our graduates have a passion for learning and the academic tools necessary to thrive as they purposefully take the next steps in their lives. Their appreciation and wonder for the beauty and complexity of God’s creation informs their learning and development.

Engage the Culture - As ambassadors for Christ, our graduates are equipped to represent Him well collegiately in academics, athletics and/or fine arts. They are prepared to be salt and light for God’s glory within and across cultures throughout their lives.

"We are taking every thought

captive to the obedience of Christ."

-2 Corinthians 10:5b