A TK-12 Christ-centered,
College Preparatory School

Covenant Day students are using fish and plants within agricultural engineering to create sustainable food sources and jobs in Haiti. With more than 80 percent of Haitians living below the poverty line, Covenant Day desires to respond to a growing need with a long-term, sustainable solution. Through Restore 525, a student-led initiative, students are building off the research and groundwork from Covenant Day's beta project, This Green Fish. Restore 525 will be sending its first team to Haiti in June.

October 29-November 2
Penny Wars is a middle school fund-raising competition. The Outreach Committee facilitates the effort to raise money for our annual Doulos Day and service projects. Middle school students are encouraged to give to this effort by bringing coins and paper money (October 29-November 2) to compete against other homerooms for points. All money raised by the students goes to support outreach activities, including students volunteering at the Operation Christmas Child warehouse and at Samaritan's Feet, as well as buying Christmas presents for needy children sponsored by the Matthews Police Department. Search your couch cushions, your cars, and your pockets for any spare change to put your team on top! Get ready for the Penny Wars!!


Full Steps to use this "Best Practice" Template

Code-Related Steps

  1. Go to the coderepo of this template
  2. Copy over the mashup.js (in the plugins folder) to your plugins. Depending on what feeds you need to pull in, you'll need to make sure your website has other plugins included in your JS file. E.g. at a minimum, if you don't customize this mashup, you'll need the twitterCustom.js (for twitter), and getFeeds.js (for Instagram) Important note: You'll need the additional plugin "jquery.mCustomScrollbar.concat.min.js". This is for the custom scrollbar on athletics event. If you don't plan on using athletics, then by all means don't add this plugin in. Important note #2: This template also has the optional ability to use a facebook element (built in because the original client wanted to swap it out, and I figured it'd be useful) instead of another feed. If you do use Facebook, you'll need the facebookCustom.js since it calls that function
  3. The icons are all at the top of the Sass mashup partial. I'm pulling in the font awesome stuff via their CDN. I recommend just adding these font icons to your Icomoon project if you do that already in your workflow.
  4. All colors are listed at the top of the file and can be changed at your leisure.
  5. All fonts are at the top of the file and can be changed as your leisure. I recommend changing the fonts to what you use (e.g. $sans-serif; or something).

Composer-Related Steps

  1. In your the /pages/ folder in your Sass, add a file called _mashup.scss and copy over the /pages/_mashup.scss partial from coderepo
  2. In Composer, in your mashup page, make sure the mashup page has a custom class (set in the settings) of "mashup" (without quotes).
  3. Add a container in your page and give it the custom class of "mashup-feeds" (without the quotes).
  4. Just add elements inside of the container (my code will flexbox it into the grid). You can customize the order however you want. Each element needs to have a custom class on it though. Below I'll run through each element
    • For Instagram, make a content element with a custom class of "instagram-feed" (without quotes).
    • For Twitter, add a Twitter element with a custom class of "twitter-feed" (without quotes). Link it to their twitter account in the twitter element settings
    • For Announcements (pink with the bullhorn), make a news element with a custom class of "announcements-feed" (without quotes). Copy over the custom date format and settings.
    • For Facebook, make a content element with a custom class of "facebook-feed" (without quotes) Also make sure your facebookCustom call in mashup.js points to your clients facebook page.
    • For Photo Spotlight section, make a content element with a custom class of "spotlight-feed" (without quotes). The image (which should be landscape) is set as a background image on the element. As far as the linkable text...go into the editor, type your text, and link it to a specific page you want. The default text right then will be the title (bigger) text. To get the sub text like "Apply Today", you'll need to add more text and italicize it (much like we do with buttons). So the end code will look like...
      Photo SpotlightApply Today
    • For Video Spotlight, make a content element with a custom class of "video-feed" (without quotes). This is exactly like the photo spotlight section (I made this two separate classes though due to the top right icon changing).
    • For the Athletics Events, make an Athletics Event element with a custom class of "athletics-feed" (without quotes). It's supposed to only show "todays" events. I'd just copy over the settings I have set (and make sure the date is set to only show the current days events; it might be off to help with testing purposes).
    • For the RSS, make a news element with a custom class of "rss-feed" (without quotes). This is literally the same as the announcements, but is a separate class due to the different background / icon.
    • For bottom middle photo with the transparent black background / white text, make a content element with a custom class of "photo-feed" (without quotes). The background image is set as a background image on the content element. To do the text, just edit the content area of the element, type your text, highlight the text, and link it to wherever you want it linked to. The Javascript takes care of the rest. E.g...
      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eliusmod.
    • For the calendar feed, make a Calendar element with a custom class of "calendar-feed" (without quotes). Make sure to copy my custom date format, and match my settings. It's a regular list, which gets slicked in my Javascript due to the different number of slides in different views.