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Head of School - Mark Davis

Welcome to Covenant Day School! We are a school that desires to support the Christian home in the education of their students in grades TK-12. We continually strive to embrace the various disciplines of a liberal arts education while weaving in a worldview that reflects the triune God, His ways, and His world.

Covenant Day offers an education designed to inspire students to become image-bearers of Christ. Our desire is for them to become increasingly inquisitive about the abundant life God bestows upon His children. We want them to draw closer to Him through an ongoing discovery of mathematics, science, language, art, history, and theology, accompanied by a desire to serve others.

Our passion and strength is the seamless integration of academic excellence and Christ-centered worldview. We embrace the beauty of the arts, the growth of character and heart in athletics, the experience of community, and global topics worthy of debate to prepare our students for college and beyond.

As you explore our website, we hope you gain a sense of the school we call CDS, a place in which we delight.


Mark Davis

CDS Board of Trustees

The Session of Christ Covenant Church appoints the Board of Trustees of Covenant Day School to hold the school in trust, that is, to oversee the strategic operation of the school. The board is comprised of up to 15 trustees. Each trustee serves a three-year term, renewable at the option of the Board of Trustees and Session of Christ Covenant Church. When trustees are convened in an official board meeting, they speak as the Board. An individual trustee does not have any board power outside of an official board meeting. The board employs only one person, the Head of School. All other school employees report to the Head of School.

People interested in serving on the Board of Trustees may contact the board secretary or the executive assistant to the Head of School for a board application.

Please pray for the board as they seek to faithfully serve the Lord as they govern and guide the school.

Board of Trustees

Don Moseley, Chairman
John Vonder, Vice Chairman
Grant Jordan, Treasurer
Leslie Lindner, Secretary
Danny Church
Kevin DeYoung
Josh Grissom
Caroline Kelly
Yolanda Lindsay
Jared Olshefski
Rich Protasewich
Anne Rogers
Derek Wells
Calvin Harrelson
Mark Davis, ex officio