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Mark Helmer will be our next Head of School!

Head of School Search


Covenant Day's next

Head of School

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Rich Protasewich 

Committee Chair

Board Trustee and CDS Parent (’13 and ’19)

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“It has been my great joy to witness God’s hand on Mark Helmer over the past 20 years. His excellence and exuberance as a middle school science teacher, wisdom and steady guidance as a lower school principal, and most recently, maturity and thoughtfulness as Associate Head of School has prepared him well to be our next Head of School. Mark understands the successful components of a Christian school beginning with your own personal relationship with Jesus and culminating with a desire that CDS students are equipped to be salt and light for God’s glory. I look forward expectantly to how God will use Mark’s ministry at CDS to expand His kingdom and glorify His name."

Don Moseley

Board of Trustees Chair and CDS Parent (’16, ’18 and ’21) 

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“Mark has demonstrated over many years the qualities our Board desires to see in administrative leaders at Covenant Day, and he has benefited from gaining experience across the many areas of this school in his two-and-a-half decades of service. His leadership has been a key part of bringing CDS to where we see it today, and during his time the past few years as Associate HOS he has been a critical partner to Mark Davis in leading the school though dynamic times. Mark’s love for our Lord and Savior is clear and guides his investment in Covenant Day and desire to see lives transformed through Christ via the work of the school in all its curricular and extracurricular dimensions. His vision for the school’s future is compelling and well aligned with our mission. I’m excited to see how the Lord will use Mark in this next phase of his career and the next chapter in the life of CDS.”

Grant Jordan

Board of Trustees Treasurer and CDS Parent (’21, ’22, ’25 and ’28) 

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“Mark Helmer is an ideal leader for Covenant Day School. Mark is a godly man with a dedication to God’s word and His people. In addition, Mark has a strong history of leadership at Covenant Day School and will allow us to maintain our culture and mission. Finally, Mark has the vision and passion to lead our school into its next phase.”

Kevin DeYoung

Christ Covenant Church Senior Pastor

Board Trustee and CDS Parent (’22, ‘24, ’26, ’28, ’30, ’33 and ‘35) 

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“Having worked with Mark in various capacities over the past five years, I know him to be a man of high character and competence. During our search process, I was reminded again what a great fit Mark is for this significant leadership position. He not only has decades of relevant experience, he has a passion for Christ, for Christian education, and for Christ Covenant. I’m excited for the future of Covenant Day School.”

John Vonder

Board of Trustees Vice-Chair and CDS Parent (’15, ’17 and ’24) 

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“In the 33-year history of Covenant Day, we have been blessed by three leaders and in God’s providence, each of them has seen leadership qualities in Mark Helmer that I have also witnessed in my 16-year association with him. Our first Head of School, Barrett Mosbacker, hired Mark as a classroom teacher. Our second, Marni Halvorson, promoted Mark to Lower School Principal. Finally, our third, Mark Davis, wisely promoted Mark to Associate Head of School. Mark Helmer has exhibited a steadfast commitment to faithfully serve and his competence as a leader has grown significantly in the past few years. I confidently support Mark as Covenant Day’s fourth Head of School.”

Leslie Lindner

Board of Trustees Secretary and CDS Parent (’18, ’20, ‘23 and ’23) 

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“Mark Helmer has shown servant leadership at Covenant Day School for over 23 years and has a deep understanding and extensive working knowledge of what it takes to lead Covenant Day School. As he has watched and shepherded our family thru education, so we have watched him grow in tenure and leadership as he has faithfully served both Covenant Day and Christ Covenant Church. I am excited for Mark as he brings new leadership skills to broaden and deepen who we are as Christian community. Mark is an exceptional leader and has tremendous capacity to lead Covenant Day thru the next season of Christian education. Our family is excited to be part of his tenure during our final years at CDS.”

Anne Rogers

Board Trustee and CDS Parent (’19, ’21 and ’23) 

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“I have known Mark since his early lower school principal days. His passion for Christian Education and for Covenant Day School is distinct. His spiritual maturity coupled with his strong communication and leadership skills makes him the obvious next choice to lead CDS. In an increasingly hostile culture towards God and Christian values, Mark will lead with conviction and maintain an unwavering stance on Biblical truth. I have no hesitation or doubt that the Lord has prepared Mark for this role as Head of School.”

Derek Wells

Christ Covenant Church Pastor of Shepherding and Discipleship

Board Trustee and CDS Parent (’24, ’26 and ’28) – Prayer Emphasis Lead 

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“Mark Helmer has exemplified a biblical understanding of the foundational role that Christian education plays in the formation of students. His years of service and exemplary leadership reflect a deep commitment and understanding of what it means for Covenant Day School to be a thriving ministry of Christ Covenant Church. I look forward to seeing Mark’s leadership continue to expand in this new role as he sets a vision for academic excellence and spiritual formation that will carry us forward into the future.”



To provide valuable assistance and feedback, a Head of School Search Advisory Team, comprised of twelve members of the CDS faculty and staff, has been invited to help guide and advise the search committee throughout our process. The Advisory Team is composed of the following: 

  • Nanci Bell, Lower School
  • Sherry Dixon, Lower School
  • Donna Deans, Middle School
  • Ryan Fuderer, Middle School
  • Tim Blumenstein, High School
  • Jeff Dennison, High School
  • Heather Mills, High School 
  • Rudy Barlow, Technology 
  • Kristi Fikkert, Finance 
  • Deana Kocylowsky, Human Resources 
  • Marian Lambert, Executive Staff 
  • Lydia Morgan, Marketing/Communications