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What's Happening Now

2018 Summer Camps
Registration is live for CDS summer camps including athletic offerings, college admissions, visual and performing arts, robotics, auto mechanics, personal finance, strength and conditioning, and CAMP LION Day Camp. Camps run from June through early August and are open to the community for students entering grades TK-12. Click the title or graphic for more information.
Students Seek Sustainable Hunger Solutions

Covenant Day students are using fish and plants within agricultural engineering to create sustainable food sources and jobs in Haiti. With more than 80 percent of Haitians living below the poverty line, Covenant Day desires to respond to a growing need with a long-term, sustainable solution. Through Restore 525, a student-led initiative, students are building off the research and groundwork from Covenant Day's beta project, This Green Fish. Restore 525 will be sending its first team to Haiti in June. Click the graphic to learn more.

ContainIt Uses Coffee to Foster Sustainability

ContainIt is continuing to "think inside the box" with its newest project: a coffee house container. The students wanted to go beyond just building functional living spaces on the reservation. They wanted to help promote sustainability and create jobs. The transformed coffee house container was delivered to the reservation earlier this month. Click the graphic to learn more.

What's Coming Up