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Advance Placement (AP) enables students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school.

The Covenant Day School Advanced Placement (AP) program offers a variety of courses for students willing to take engage in rigorous academic challenges that match their abilities and interests.  The CDS Advanced Placement (AP) program offers numerous courses representing a variety of discipline areas to support 16 different AP Exams.  The benefits for a student ready to engage in college level courses are many.


* Only homeschool students and honors level students who are requesting to take an exam need to complete the registration form. 

Important Information about AP Exams

While each test has different timing guidelines, an AP exam typically runs about 3 hours. Therefore, it is important for students and parents to understand that morning exams will begin prior to the start of school (7:30 a.m.) and afternoon AP exams will not be completed by the end of the school day (3:10 p.m.). CollegeBoard requires all students to stay in the testing room until testing is completed. Students will not be allowed to leave for after school activities, jobs, etc., until the timed session has come to an end.

CollegeBoard rules also require students to power off all electronics and place them with the proctor during the exam. Students will not have access to cell phones during the testing session. They are also not allowed to use any form of communication device while on the CollegeBoard scheduled break. Students who break any of the CollegeBoard rules will be removed from the testing room and their scores will be cancelled.

A list of all Test Administration Policies and Procedures is available in the Bulletin for Students and Parents.

Contact Information

Heather Mills
Advanced Placement Program Coordinator

Kelly Turner
Guidance Assistant

Caron Lye
SSD Coordinator

Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations on AP Exams, such as extra breaks, extended time, etc.  To take an AP Exam with accommodations, a student must be approved for accommodations by the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office. Contact the student’s Academic Resources Therapist or school counselor to apply. 

Students already approved for AP testing accommodations do not need to re-apply. The deadline for first-time applications is January 17, 2020. It takes at least seven weeks for non-emergency applications to receive approval.